Web of Knowledge

A continually growing resource base for sharing learnings and outcomes from the Collaborative Leadership Initiative.

CLI BackgrounderAn introduction to the who, what, where, why and how of the CLI process.PDF2022
Stories of Leadership

Short stories based on interviews conducted with CLI Manitoba leaders at the outset of the initiative that explored their understanding of relevant issues, as well as challenges and opportunities at community and personal levels.

CLI Manitoba Retrospective

Discover the complete CLI Manitoba journey leading to the signing of an historic MOU and joint initiatives between the leaders.

Collaboration is Helping to Heal Lake Winnipeg

Read about three natural infrastructure projects that were sparked by the Collaborative Leadership Initiative.

Blog Post2021
CLI Elders Discuss Reconciliation

CLI Elders Rodney Burns, Stan McKay, and Garry McLean discuss reconciliation with CLI facilitators Merrell-Ann Phare and Michael Miltenberger.

Saving the World’s Most Threatened Lake

CIER’s Richard Farthing-Nichol talks about how collaboration is a key aspect of saving Lake Winnipeg for future generations.

Blog Post2020
Controversial Manitoba Road Renamed in Spirit of Reconciliation

The relationship building process of CLI Manitoba set the groundwork for this successful collaboration.

News Article2021
Building Strong Communities: A Circular Approach

A Circular Approach: A virtual conference hosted by the CLI that explores circular economy solutions in Manitoba.

CLI Manitoba Short Video

Municipal and Indigenous leaders in Manitoba speak about their collaborative efforts to save Lake Winnipeg and improve water quality.

Reconciliation in Action Documentary

A feature length documentary chronicling the CLI Manitoba process.