Legacy Fund

CIER is grateful for all its supporters who invest in the future of our shared Earth. Every single donation — no matter how small — means you care about what we do, as we continue our path of building sustainable Indigenous communities and protecting lands and waters now, and for future generations.

Since its inception in 1995, CIER has linked Indigenous knowledge with western science to create the best way to protect our precious Earth. But as the severity of environmental problems grow, we need to keep pace by gaining more supporters.

CIER is a non-profit that receives no core funding. We rely upon building support through those who care about our planet and how we treat it. We all belong to this wonderful Earth, where climate change is affecting all living things – children and families, wildlife, plants, and water. It also makes those living off the land more vulnerable, struggling to maintain their traditional way of life. Nature directly sustains Indigenous communities by providing essential resources, and these communities have given back by respecting and protecting Mother Earth for centuries through their knowledge, culture, and traditions. Now you have an opportunity to give back by supporting them as caretakers of the Earth.

How can you help? We have developed a protected ecosystem: the CIER Legacy Fund. And like any healthy ecosystem, we need diversity — new partners and supporters to help ensure CIER programs thrive. Please join us as we continue our journey of helping Indigenous communities create a sustainable future by becoming part of our movement to protect the Earth we all share.


CIER cherishes the earth we all share, show the world that you do, too! You can create your own fundraising activities that contribute to sustainable Indigenous communities and protecting lands and waters.

We’ve had supporters create GoFundMe pages, donate through Birthday parties in lieu of gifts, and more. Be creative and create your own event with the proceeds of your fundraising efforts supporting a great cause!

Many thanks to all our previous fundraisers and we hope you continue your support of CIER and the wonderful Earth we all share.


CIER supports Indigenous Nations in their roles as leaders of positive environmental change.