Collaborative Leadership Initiative (CLI)

 Collaborative Leadership Hits The Big Screen!

October 10, 2019 : Meeting 5 – Collaborative Leadership – Standing together

Location : The Park Theatre, 698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

With relationships solidified and a shared governance table established, the CLI leaders met on October 10th to pursue a circular economy model focused on reducing waste and resource inputs, to sustainably grow the economy.

The CLI leaders focused on two initial priorities and projects to move forward with:

Priority: Solid waste.
Project: A regional waste management initiative.

Priority: Water management.
Project: Exploring the feasibility of developing a water quality trading program.

Collaborative Leadership Hits the Big Screen

That night, the CLI leaders were joined by the public to view the premier of the film CLI Reconciliation in Action by award-winning filmmakers Denis Paquette and Carmen Henriquez from RealWorld Media.

This film was dedicated to the memory of Garry McLean. It shares the story of the CLI and celebrates its accomplishments.


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