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First Nations empowered to monitor birds and other species at risk

It is important to protect all species at risk, and specifically in this focus– birds, as they also help with ecological balance by eating mosquitoes and pollinating plants. This helps to retain a healthy ecosystem. When any interconnection of species become at risk, it is a warning that a weakened ecosystem could ultimately affect our food […]

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Putting Biodiversity on the Map  

CIER Proud to be Part of the Key Biodiversity Areas Project The term ‘biodiversity’ is increasingly in the news. But what does it mean, in a way that is meaningful to everyone? Quite simply, biodiversity is the variety of all living species on earth – plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms – and the ecosystems they form. […]

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Working together with nature improves water quality  

Water knows no boundaries. As it flows through communities and across borders, regional collaboration is the key to understanding and taking-action on shared water challenges. Since 2017, a project by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) called the Collaborative Leadership Initiative (CLI) brought together 16 municipal and 11 First Nations elected leaders to make […]

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NOW HIRING: Biodiversity Project Manager- Now Closed

Engagement, planning, logistics, team motivator, strong communication and facilitation – we need your skills! The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) invites applicants for the position of Biodiversity Project Manager to support a national multi-year Species at Risk Act initiative CIER has been undertaking in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada. The role of Project Manager is best […]

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Youth adding their voices to the conversation about reconciliation and our environment can be very powerful and that’s exactly what youth who attended our Podcasting 101 workshop did

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