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Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: A Personal Way to Support CIER!

CIER is only able to do the work we do because of donations from people like you. Two weeks before your birthday, you’ll receive a notification directly from Facebook inviting you to host a campaign for a non-profit. This is a simple way for your friends and family to donate to a cause that you […]

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5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Beach Day!

Use Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreen Although it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, the chemicals in many sunscreens can be detrimental to lakes, oceans, and the creatures that live in them! When shopping for sunscreen, look for bottles that say “Reef Friendly” or that use mineral filters instead of nanoparticles. Don’t Use Paper Plates Bring […]

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Trees Are an Important Part of Climate Change Adaption in Sandy Bay

Earlier this month hundreds of trees were planted in Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation. This year CIER has been working with Sandy Bay to create a climate change adaptation plan, using CIER’s Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Planning (ICCAP) Guidebooks. Trees are an important part of climate change adaptation. Not only can they provide habitats for […]

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NOW HIRING: Biodiversity Associate

The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) invites applicants for the position of Biodiversity Associate. The successful candidate will be keen to join our team to support project implementation in the areas of biodiversity, Species at Risk, and community communication. The role of Biodiversity Associate is best suited for an individual that is able to work closely and […]

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Youth adding their voices to the conversation about reconciliation and our environment can be very powerful and that’s exactly what youth who attended our Podcasting 101 workshop did

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