Youth adding their voices to the conversation about reconciliation and our environment can be very powerful and that’s exactly what youth who attended our Podcasting 101 workshop did. We’re excited to share the winning podcasts with you, so you can listen to the interesting stories they have to tell from their unique perspectives. Podcasting is an amazing platform that gives people the opportunity to connect, present their ideas and share their stories. In July, the Collaborative Leadership Initiative (CLI) hosted a 2 hour beginner workshop that was geared towards introducing podcasting and helping youth hone their storytelling skills.

Workshop participants were given the opportunity to create and submit their own podcasts, talking either about reconciliation between Indigenous and non Indigenous peoples in Canada or about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Two aspiring podcasters would receive a $500 Amazon Gift card.

The Winners:

Alex Bill
Alex created a podcast about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He also focussed on Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Congratulations Alex!

Listen here:

Jordan Dearsley
Jordan’s podcast focusses on e-waste and Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

Congratulations Jordan!

Listen here:

This event was supported by the Collaborative Leadership Initiative (CLI). The Manitoba CLI is a reconciliation initiative between Chiefs from the Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) and Mayors and Reeves from the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) and the South Basin Mayors and Reeves (SBMR).