Comprehensive Community Planning Training Program

Through the Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Training Program, CIER provided a variety of information resources to participants to support their efforts in the development and implementation of an integrated community sustainability plan. Resources are also available in English and French.

You are welcome to draw on these resources as part of your planning efforts.

  • CCP Word Cloud: Use these words to initiate a discussion with your planning team about what comprehensive community planning means to your First Nation. What are the key messages you want people to walk away with after you introduce the idea of CCP?
  • CCP Sustainability Wheel: CIER uses sustainability as a framework for CCP, for gathering background information, visioning, priority setting and more. We use this wheel diagram as a tool to engage people in these planning discussions and activities.

Session One Training Material (2007)

Session Two Training Materials (2008)

Session Three Training Materials (2008)

Session Four Training Materials (2009)

  • Issues to Goals: A simple table to take the list of brainstormed community issues (good, bad and beautiful) from issues to goals.
  • Issues to Goals Large Poster: A large format (4 x 6 feet) of the above table; have it printed and use it in a group setting with post-it notes and index cards. Move the cards around, create themes and draft goals as a planning team using community generated issues and ideas. Share these for feedback and more input!