Donate to CIER using Sephora Beauty Insider Points in April!

We’re proud to announce that starting April 1st, 2021, we are partnering with Sephora Canada. This partnership will allow you to use your Sephora Beauty Insider points for good.

On April 1st, you’ll be able to go to the Sephora Rewards Bazaar to redeem your Beauty Insider points for a Charity Reward, and they will donate, on your behalf, to the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources. You will be able to redeem your Beauty Insider points in exchange for a donation of $10 (500 points), $20 (1,000 points), or $30 (1,500 points). Since its launch in August 2020, Sephora Canada has raised over $335K through the Charity Rewards Program.

Be sure to save your points until April, so you can help CIER support Indigenous people and communities to be leaders in positive environmental change!

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