CIER Staff Self-Care Tips


Taking time to care for yourself is always important, but COVID restrictions has really underlined the importance of paying attention to and caring for our bodies, minds, and spirits.
At our most recent staff meeting, CIER Staff shared with each other some of the ways we’re all practicing self-care. We came up with so many wonderful and easy ideas that we wanted to share them.

Here are some of the ways we’re taking care of ourselves:

  • Going on long (or short) walks
  • Taking the time to cook healthy food
  • Making something with your hands or learning a new skill
  • Getting out of the house, even long drives with an audio book
  • Starting the day by taking 20 deep breaths
  • Playing with children or other family members
  • Practicing light yoga and mediation,
  • Taking a bath with bath bombs (lavender, cloves, and peppermint can all help relieve stress)
  • Playing phone games or watching your favourite TV shows
  • Talking to people from your spiritual community
  • Dancing to your favourite song
  • Investing in yourself with self-empowerment programs

What are some ways that you’re practicing self-care? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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