CIER Ecoversity Expansion Continues, Requested Courses Added

CIER Ecoversity, an online learning platform, was created for broader access to comprehensive learning from a wide variety of courses to help Indigenous communities develop and enhance their knowledge base and skills while building capacity as caretakers of the land, helping to create sustainable and resilient communities. The first course was based on CIER’s Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Program (ICCAP).  

To create more interest in the CIER Ecoversity learning platform, three more new courses will be added by next spring, with two being completed before year-end. One course, called “Collaborative Consent,” will reach out to a broader audience, while the second course is based on the “First Nations Integrated Watershed Planning Guidebooks.” The third course to be added will cover proposal writing, as CIER has received many requests for this service. The course will fill a void for community members and employees of Indigenous governments. 

As CIER Ecoversity expands its offerings, we will have more courses to promote to increase the number of registrants and overall attendance. View CIER Ecoversity here: