5 Ways You Can Keep the Earth’s Water Clean

Every living thing on Earth needs water to live. When we misuse and abuse this precious resource, we’re reducing the Earth’s ability to provide for all living things. Water is a limited resource and clean water is even more limited, but humans still fill the water with all kinds of pollution and contamination.

Here are five ways you can help keep Earth’s water supply clean:

1. Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain:

Grease, fat, and any other oil used for cooking should be put in the trash, not down the sink. Not only can it clog your pipes, but the grease will also contaminate local bodies of water. Many people have a ‘grease jar’ where they let fat and grease harden for easier disposal.

2. Use Phosphate-Free Detergent and Dish Soap

Excess phosphates in water can cause algae blooms and other environmental issues. You can also make sure you’re not using too much soap for your washer. By using less soap, you’re directly impacting the number of chemicals in the water.

3. Don’t Flush Medication

Never flush medicines down the toilet or pour them down the sink. Your medication might be useful for you, but it can cause health problems for fish and birds or other people who drink the water. Contact your local pharmacy for disposal options, they’re usually free!

4. Collect Rainwater for the Garden

Using rainwater to water your plants and garden means you’re not adding anything to the ground that isn’t already there. You’ll also save money on water bills!

5. Do Regular Car Maintenance

Make sure you take your car or truck for regular maintenance, especially if you see it leaking. Oil and other fluids that leak from cars usually end up down sewers or running off into creeks and streams. You wouldn’t want to swim in motor oil and neither do fish

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