5 Tips for Staying Cool AND Saving Energy


These ‘cool’ Summer tips will help you cut down on your need for air-conditioning this summer, which reduces your carbon footprint significantly
1. Keep Blinds/Curtains Closed
It can be tempting to let the hot, summer sun beam into your home, but it is best for your carbon footprint to keep the sunbathing outside! Less sun keeps the air in your home cooler, meaning you don’t have to turn on our air-conditioner as often (or maybe at all!)

2. Open Windows in the Evening
Take advantage of the lack of sun and cool evening breeze. When the sun goes down, take advantage of the natural temperature drop and open your windows. You can close them again when you wake up, but don’t forget screens to keep out pesky mosquitoes.

3. Avoid Using Your Oven
Cooking outside is obviously the best choice but simply avoiding using your oven and stovetop can help keep inside temperatures lower. Salads, sandwiches, and other cool foods are great oven-less food options.

4. Dress for Success
Light-coloured cotton and linen clothes wick away moisture while allowing air movement, so you feel cooler.  Nylon, polyester, and other plastic fabrics hold in a lot more heat and moisture, which can feel hot and uncomfortable.

5. Stay Hydrated
Drinking plenty of water is always good, but it becomes especially important in the Summer heat. Dehydration can cause or amplify heat stroke and heat exhaustion, so make sure to keep your reusable water bottle full and on-hand!

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