Position Papers on the Effects of Climate Change on First Nations in Canada

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) saw a critical need to explore climate change issues and engage with First Nations to develop the AFN’s climate change policy responses. They requested CIER’s assistance to prepare six reports on climate change and the unique impacts and adaptations facing First Nations as a result of potential climate changes.

These six reports introduce the global and regional issues of climate change, examine the unique issues associated with climate change as they relate to First Nations’ economies, governance structures, and the physical, social and cultural aspects of First Nations, and examines gaps in knowledge that must be filled before making recommendations on areas that require further research.

In the event that many predicted climate change impacts come to pass, First Nations will be significantly and uniquely impacted due to their locations, reliance on the environment, and current limited adaptation strategies.

The opinions expressed within the series of papers are the opinions of the authors of the documents, and do not necessarily represent the opinions or perspectives of the AFN.

To access the reports, please visit the links below.