What Makes Species At Risk So Important to Us?

Wanted: Caribou - Species At Risk Poster Design

To gain a better understanding of the importance of species at risk, CIER has created an approachable, clever way to draw the general public’s interest through a social media campaign. These social media posts were created for the top five most at-risk species, depicting vintage western-style “Wanted” posters to draw attention. A link to CIER’s website in each post provides further explanation of why the species at risk are important to us all. In addition to social media, the posters will also be printed and displayed at upcoming events and community sites to garner further interest and build upon the campaign. 

CIER has partnered with Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) through the Species at Risk Act project, consisting of federal recovery planning that focuses on protecting species at risk, and their habitats.  

CIER’s role in this project is to support a range of activities between Indigenous communities, organizations, and ECCC on developing recovery documents, sharing knowledge and language, addressing threats to terrestrial at-risk species’ survival and recovery, and land use planning for species at risk on reserve lands and within traditional territories.