Shining Lights Energy Literacy and Language in the NWT


Did you know that by making changes in small, everyday decisions you can save money, conserve heat and energy, and preserve the environment by reducing your diesel footprint? Simple actions like turning off lights when you leave a room can have a surprisingly big impact!

​The Shining Lights workshops were created to increase energy literacy in the Northwest Territories and promote energy-efficient practices. Forty-eight women and youth from nineteen communities participated in workshops that were held in Inuvik, Fort Simpson, and Yellowknife throughout 2019.

Participants received training through an interactive and engaging curriculum that focuses on energy basics, energy efficiency and energy conservation. This curriculum was developed in partnership with Pembina Institute, Arctic Energy Alliance and CIER. 

Fort Simpson Shining Lights participants enjoying the energy from the sun.

Some workshop participants were excited to share their knowledge with their communities and created presentations to raise more awareness about energy efficiency and energy conservation in their home communities.

Part of the Shining Lights workshop was also a day devoted to translating key energy terms and teachings with the help of knowledgeable Indigenous translators. CIER has used the gathered information to create posters that will continue to promote awareness on energy efficiency and energy conservation.  

Wanting to learn more? Keep an eye out for our new Shining Lights posters that include six Indigenous languages. They’ll be launching on our social media and website soon and will also be mailed to each Indigenous community in the Northwest Territories.

This project was generously funded by Natural Resources Canada through the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program, with in-kind support provided by Laren Bill Consulting, North Raven and Phare Thoughts Company.