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READ NOW: Dakota Field Guide and & Storybook – Learn to Identify Over 80 Grassland Birds

“As Indigenous people of the land, protection and conservation is not just about the Species at Risk or the health of the ecosystem but includes protecting the relationship and connection we have with them. That connection is a part of our language, our culture, and identity as Dakota Oyate (the Dakota Nation).” ​- Dakota Field Guide & Storybook, Forward

This story was part of the CIER Summer 2020 Newsletter. Sign-up here for more stories like this. We need to re-learn how to listen to birds, they have so many things to tell us. Using the Dakota Field Guide & Storybook you can learn how to identify over 80 different birds, discover their Dakota names, and explore unique pieces […]

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The Hydro-Climatic Monitoring Roadmap: A guide to enabling hydro climatic monitoring in Indigenous communities

The Hydro-Climatic Monitoring Roadmap

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) Network of Networks (NoN) will support Canadian communities in establishing hydro-climactic monitoring programs to strengthen local stewardship over environmental resources and capacity building in communities through funding the development of monitoring programs, which include skills development, job creation, and training.  This report describes these components and provides a step by step guide […]

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Continuing to Provide Support: CIER and COVID-19

CIER Staff at a staff meeting in January 2020

Like other organizations in these uncertain time, CIER is adapting. We sat down with CIER Executive Director Merrell-Ann Phare to learn how CIER is rising to the challenges brought by COVID-19. How is COVID-19 affecting First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada?This is a difficult question to answer because this virus and the measures put […]

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Inspiring a Generation of Bird Protectors

Temperate grasslands are one of the world’s greatest biomes

In the Great Plains alone, 97% of tallgrass prairie, 71% of mixed grass prairie, and 48% of shortgrass prairie had been lost by 2003. There are 42 species of North American birds that breed solely on these vanishing grasslands. So how do we protect not only the Canadian prairies, but also the at-risk birds who […]

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Youth adding their voices to the conversation about reconciliation and our environment can be very powerful and that’s exactly what youth who attended our Podcasting 101 workshop did

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