Document Category: Indigenous Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge for a Better Future

Telling stories is a traditional way of communicating important messages for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Across Canada, Aboriginal communities have stories to share about renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation initiatives. CIER prepared a short and non-technical report that introduces Aboriginal and northern communities to success stories supported by Indian and Northern […]


Reflections on Success

Reflections on Success is as a record of the many successes realized by the First Nation and northern communities the Aboriginal and Northern Community Action Program (ANCAP) was able to support between 2003 and 2007. These stories were gathered by the First Nation organizations enlisted by the ANCAP to meet common goals.


Nation to Nation

Nation to Nation is a magazine-style document that provides a brief overview of sustainable initiatives in First Nations across Canada. It is intended for First Nations communities and external support organizations. Researchers from CIER traveled to 15 selected First Nations (August 2004 to January 2005) interested in sharing information about their sustainable initiative. Interviews and […]